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I am currently running an online course with about 28 people. Blended learning with Zoom-Meeting. Study content to do at home in between the meetings. Duration: 6 month. Zoom-Meeting every two weeks 1,5h. Moodle Learn platform. All are happy so far. the goal is to build a circle of professional friends, that will support each other in the future and keep in touch via the Moodle platform and....?

Is the Microsolidarity course something for me?

All the best


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Hi Lars, sure I think you'll get some gold from the Microsolidarity course.

We're also running a blended format: solo homework + Zoom workshops + digital chat in between.

For one thing, I think you'll get some ideas about how to structure your Zoom workshops so they're as engaging as possible, we use a lot of small group exercises to have plenty of participation and practice time, we avoid the mode of "students are mostly listening passively and occasionally talking".

The harder question is how to create ongoing relationships after the course, that's quite a puzzle. The Microsolidarity thinking could help you with that design challenge; e.g. design your organising structures in terms of Scale and Rhythm, pay attention to the role of Hosts in sustaining community, etc.

Let's put it this way: if you join the course and you're not satisfied I'm happy to get on a call with you 1:1 and see how I can help you directly.

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Hi Richard,

First of all thank you for the course. I personally enjoyed it very much even though I expected to see you the fist time live. ;)

However, I signed up for a professional purpose and that is why I get back to you.

I am the host/teacher/facilitator of an online academy in the medical field, one that tries to implement all the useful tool that work like gamification learning, problem orientated learning. Community of practice. Non violent communication, safe space, online chat, platform, and so on. It is supported by Witten/Herdecke University in Germany. This Uni is revolutionary in the learning field.

Now the problem:

The participants are busy, mostly board certified doctors with a workload of at least 60 hours a week, night shifts etc. They are the smartest of the smart in Medicine, because they succeeded in getting a training in Plastic Surgery. All surgeons want that literally. They are trained to survive in dominator hirarchies and have no idea how much better it could be to work as a crew or competence based hirarchy.

I want them to experience how to better work together. I think the tools that we all enjoyed at the past course with microsolidarity worked with us, the participants, because we signed up for this. My „students“ signed up to learn medical skills AND to work as a community of practice but do not really know yet what this community means.

I would like to give them an entry to the world of collaboration und support for each other in a professional setting that is still very old school and could be so much better. I think I cannot just use the tools on your website without any explanation intro. How do I do this? How do I catch them without them thinking, hmm, what is this weird talk about feelings and why do we habe to do this time consuming stuff anyway?

I am personally happy with the course but professionally still a bit unsure how to implement the things I learned.

I you find the time I would be very happy to talk to you about this.

All the best and peace!


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let’s have a call! these are very interesting questions. I’ll send you an email

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that is a nice offer Rich, I booked the course. See you soon.

Have a great week and save travels in your van! ;)


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